New Trailer: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

I can’t wait to see this movie, but I really wish they didn’t release this trailer. I’m anxious, and I do mean ANXIOUS to see this movie, and I’m usually annoyed by trailers which give away too much. Its like you have been waiting for this perfect meal and its right there in front of you, and its about to be spoiled. Lets just say the trailer gives you A LOT more info then before, and now there are different assumptions then before, its still going to be an action packed story and a lot to follow and I know I’m going to try to see it from the first day its out.

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  1. trailer looks good, but i hope it is as good as trailer!!!

  2. maryam

    can’t wait to see the movie, but unlike you, I haven’t watched the trailer .. no spoilers needed ;P

  3. YM965

    I cant wait !! the 1st one was amazing and this one looks even better !!

  4. @neoark – Same here!

    @maryam – hehehe! True!

    @YM965 – Same here! Can’t wait!

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