Mubarak Late Visit

We were sitting watching TV after dinner Friday night, five of us were enjoying the show, I heard a hard not and it was one of the staff of the house. He told me Anthony, a young house boy, slipped and hit his head and he is bleeding. Got up and asked where he was, luckily the dewaneya is in the basement, went to staff bathroom and the cook was coming out from behind the door with a holding a towel to the young man’s head and his shirt and face was drenched in blood.

Told them we are going to the hospital now, had my wallet and phone on me, I took the spare key to the Landcruiser. Asked Z to come with me to the hospital, I asked about his civil ID but the young man wasn’t answering, he was in shock. We took him to the Landcruiser outside, and got him in, Z got in the front, other people in the house were looking for his civil ID. We took off, I called S and asked him to bring the Civil ID with him. I kept talking to him while we were driving to make sure he was conscious because he was still bleeding a lot, and no time for an ambulance. Got on Fahaheel Expressway (30) and we head to Al Hady hospital, and I was going as fast as possible, flashers on, Z called the doctors he knew to see who was in the hospital at 10:30 pm on a Friday night. We got to Al Hady Hospital and from the door they refused as entry saying they are a private hospital and they don’t accept causalities. We got back in the car and took off to Mubarak Hospital, it took us two minutes, and even when I was trying to get through there was a woman trying to argue when she wanted to get her car out of parking, I couldn’t care less at this point. I kept talking to him to make sure he was awake and not passed out.

We got to hospital, called for one of the wheel chairs, Z went in with him while I parked the car at any spot. Went back in running, Z took him to the Emergency room doctor on with wheel chair without paperwork and the cook was still holding a cloth to his head which was now completely red. The patient was inside was in shock and didn’t say anything say anything about us barging in. He signed his paper and said that he must have an X-Ray first before surgery to check for head trauma. We went straight to X-Ray and skipped the people there as well, you can see the look of shock on their faces. We went in gave the paper, and his name wasn’t even on the paper, but by that time S and B arrived with his civil ID. We wrote his name but the X-Ray Doctor refused to take him saying that he is covered in blood and should be cleaned up by surgery before coming for an X-Ray I was about to blow up and I told him he is hurt and I don’t care if I clean it up area, the doctor told us to come here first. Z told me not to argue, we went to the surgery area got him a bandage across the whole, wound and this was the first time I saw the wound. It was at least four inches in length, from the side of his right eye all the way across the middle of his forehead. We then went straight back to the X-Ray department, then again another doctor said that he needed to be completely cleaned at this point I wouldn’t leave and we all got in his face until he decided to do the X-Ray. I went in with him, helped him up form the wheel chair on to the bench for the X-Ray, he asked what happened with obnoxious tone I said that he fell and slipped in the bathroom, he then said “are you sure he slipped in the bathroom?” I answered right away saying yes, before I registered his tone. I waited outside, and the Doctor spoke to him in Arabic, I told him he doesn’t speak Arabic, and if he needs I could speak to him in English. At this point I was standing outside waiting and I want to rip that doctors’ throat out for being so rude and uncaring. After the X-Ray the guys waited for the X-Ray while me and Z went to the surgery room, walked in and waited since there are two rooms and both were occupied. The young man was aware of his surroundings at this point, that was a good sign, then we went into one room and got him on the table. One munaqabah was outside arguing with the nurses about her head scarf being too tight, which preoccupied the nurses before one could come into the room. I was there and the doctor was waiting for the nurse. I asked the doctor to give him a lot of local anesthetic so that he wouldn’t feel any pain. I explained everything to him while he was on the table as it was happening, this is a very scary situation for him and it was his first time in a hospital in Kuwait, and hopefully his last. When the nurse came in he went to clean the wound right away and I told him it will burn, then I told him not to move while they inserted the local anesthetic into his wound and it was about 9 times and I could tell he was afraid because he was shivering. I asked the doctor again to make sure that he doesn’t feel the stitching as it was happening, I know how it felt from previous injuries. I kept talking and I was asked to step out by the nurse, so I did.

I waited outside about 25 mintues, the other nurse saw his X-Ray and asked a few questions, luckily there was no head trauma or other damages, by that time the mandoob came and waited with us. They wheel him out and he looked better, his was was cleaned and was awake, we went back to the emergency doctor to get the medication for him, antibiotics and pain killers. I asked the nurse it was 15 stitches and she said that was a lot, its going to be on for 10 days before they remove it and bandages changed at the local clinic every two days. The mandoob took him back home after checking with the doctor while we finished up some of the paper work, hamdilla it was taken care of. We got the medication and paid the fees, and I’m happy the admin in the front desk help us in the beginning and thanked them. Went home and my friends headed home, gave the medication told him to rest for the next couple days.

Next morning I got up, checked on him and he was resting he had a headache but the pain killers helped. I then got in my Landcruiser and took it to Al Falah Car Wash since the back seats and floor were covered in blood. After a little while my car was nice and clean, went home and rested all of Saturday.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. q8expat

    the medical system needs big over-haul… FAST……

  2. maskeeen :(
    hope its all good now!!

  3. allah ya36eek il3afya oo ya5dimoonik fi 3irsik inshallah – kasabt thawab 3ala fi3latik hathy – i hate it how pple treat the working help as if they are trash just because of what it says on their labour card – im sure ineh mara7 yinsalik hal jameel abadan

  4. The cliff notes:

    Or houseboy fell and hit his head. I took him to the hospital and he is all better now.

    I took my car to Falah car was again this weekend. They do a great job. They can even remove blood from the back seat.

  5. VirusX

    F*CK rude Egyptian doctors..
    they’re just a contractors in doctors dress..

  6. Bader

    Hamdillah alalsalma, Hope he heels well.

  7. Vinz-Q8

    God Bless you for helping a needy person!
    Take good care of that house boy.

  8. Wow that was an intense story Zook, you have a great presence of mind to take such quick action.

  9. fkj

    7emdella 3al salama o mayshoof shar inshalla.. o just a lil correction, the xray ‘doctor’ is not a doctor, he’s a technician for the xray with a white coat, so u can mind his rudeness.

  10. weeman

    I follow your blog everyday and this is by far the best article i have read so far. I am glad to know there are still people here in kuwait that do care about thier cooks and house cleaners. God bless you

  11. D,

    stiches on the face is removed after 5 days…
    7-10 days mumkin if he’s diabetic..

    15 days.. thats alot ;P

  12. Wow, mashala 3ala your quick actions and caring for him!
    Wala they just make me sick, those careless doctors!

  13. hamdella 3al salama o mayshoof shar inshallah!

    Really, you did a great job taking care of him like that. Hope he’s all well now, that’s a lot of stitches!

  14. WOW what a night! Sorry for the poor guy, hope he is doing well and will recover soon inshallah

  15. @q8expat – Serious overhaul!

    @Dee – Ee wala, yaksir el khaa6er

    @3anooda – alah e3afeech! Its the least I could do for any person, maskeen 7aalta

    @nibaq – U were the one who didn’t read the book and only read the cliff notes in highschool!

    @VirusX – Not all of them, I have to say there are some bad doctors and some good doctors of every kind.

    @Bader – Alah esalmik! Much Better!

    @Vinz-Q8 – Thank you, he is resting now and going to the doctor every two days.

    @vampire – Kha6aak el laash!

    @Mathai – I have had a few accidents myself so I know the usual steps.

    @Bu Yousef – Alah e3afeek, o kha6aak el sew!

    @fkj – Aha well pointed out, thank you!

    @weeman – Thank you, I usually keep things light and entertaining on the blog, but thought I had to write this incident.

    @D, – I’m not sure, this is what the doctor told us.

    @Zuno – Its the least any human should do!

    @Shaymaa – Mashkoora!

    @Q80-ChillGirl – Inshalla he will recover soon, kaaser kha6ry!

  16. keithcorp

    Hey I discovered your blog today and this one touched me man. It’s not everyday that sombody like you comes along and takes so much care. Just the other day I was at International Clinic with my daughter, and I was shocked to see an extreamly sick child in the waiting area, with the housemaid and driver….NO PARENTS!!! It was truly shocking…but then I read this and my faith has been restored. Cheers Mate…keep it up.

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