New G.I.Joe Trailer

The blockbuster movies for this summer are looking good, and I am one looking to G I Joe Rise of the Cobra. From the start all you see is explosions in every direction and an elite team put together to fight this threat. Again my favorite character from this movie is Snake Eyes, he is the definition of Bad @SS!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. saw the trailer yesterday
    this one, transformers, terminator, …etc. all in the same theme,, some will make a success, others will fail.
    this one will be a failure (-_-) “

  2. Mom used to take away my G.I Joe toys and make me play with Barbies instead!

  3. Please don’t tell me that was Channing Tatum in the commercial! He doesn’t know how to act! Man I think he’s gonna screw this one up!

  4. me7sin

    Hey, Just thought you might like to know the the director and cinematographer of the TV show “24” will be in AUK tomorow, may 4th from 2-4 pm for a seminar on the show’s cinematography and bringing hollywood into kuwait.

    tell all friends and family because it’s open to the public

  5. @vampire – Laaa! I don’t think so! I think it will be good!

    @Abdulrahman – Amazing graphics and the ninjas!

    @B – LOL!

    @Zuno – That is him! LOL

    @me7sin – Thanks, I couldn’t make it due to work!

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