Snatch A Great Movie

Snatch was one of those movies that left an impression, what a genius of a cast and story. Back when I really liked Brad Pitt, he had this edge to him. Jason Stathom was just an english actor, not a man with a body of steel. Its a story which delves into the British underworld and I just can’t get enough of the characters. Who would believe this movie is almost 10 years old, one of my favorite movies, check out the two minute Turkish scene.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. It’s a great movie! The acting really gets you into the whole movie! And I love the nicknames they have for each other!

  2. dev

    that is so true.. it is a great movie.. oh there is lock stock n two smokin barrels too.. a must watch if u liked snatch.

  3. psytrance

    Ze Germans

    guy richies last best movie

  4. yeah, my fav movie too, but also i saw it in my native language, good translation and enjoyable

  5. – Those nicknames make the movie!

    @Samer Marzouq – Same here!

    @dev – I know that movie is the original!!!

    @psytrance – True he hasn’t made something as good as that!

    @sERGIO – Very nice!

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