Caught Up!

After a while I have been trying to catch up with some of the shows I have been following. I have decided to concentrate on a few and I have managed to get the point where I have to wait until they air.

Caught Up:

  • Fringe (Fantastic)
  • Lie To Me (Great Show)
  • The Mentalist (Great Show)
  • The Big Bang Theory (Hilarious)
  • The Unit (Great Show)
  • 90210 (Better then the Original)

Catching Up:

  • 24 (The Best Show Period)
  • Battlestar Galactica(Great Show)
  • Gossip Girl (Keeps Getting Better)
  • Smallville (Enjoying Every Episode)

There are a few other shows which I need to watch, but I haven’t had a chance yet.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Fringe as expected is pretty cool. The Big Bang Theory on the otherhand shocked me. I didn’t realize that I would love it this much. I can’t stop laughing at the tall guy. He’s soooo funny! The girl is pretty cool too. Unlike most female actresses, this one doesn’t annoy me. 90210 is a let-down :( I liked the original. Battlestar Galactica… well that’s one of my fave shows right up there with OZ, and Rome. Gossip Girl … I only watch it for eye candy (Chuch Bass). As for 24, I’m waiting for the season to end so I can watch all the episodes back to back, otherwise it gets too complicated for me. Agool… shisalfa? RE5, 24, god knows what else… What’s up with everyone and Africa? Is it the new “it” place? Are we going to be bombarded with even more movies, games, and books that take place in Africa?

  2. psytrance

    the mentalist sucks.

    but if you like old series ,i suggest

    nypd blue
    the wire

  3. I find it funny that you watch Gossip Girl

  4. Hey B, alot of guy watch Gossip Girl! ;p Haha you gotta admit is good!!!

  5. Zuno,
    I agree, It is a great show, i do watch it – but i still find it funny that guys watch it

  6. a7med

    watch these shows are good to :

    1- chuck
    2- eli stone
    3- two and half men

  7. Ahaha yea its very great! A7med…2 and a half men? Haha..noooooooooo :p

  8. a7med

    zuno its the best sitcom in the states right now :P give it a chance man

  9. 7ussien

    I watch “breaking bad” best show this season in my opinion, and I also watch fringe,how i met your mother,the office,reaper and scrubs.

  10. @shuffle – I know I couldn’t make it!

    @Drunk’n’Gorgeous – It seems you are full into the shows!

    @psytrance – The Wire is fantastic, I have it but haven’t started watching it completely! Downloading firefly these days!

    @B – Its a really good show!!!

    @Zuno – So true!

    @B – LOL

    @a7med – I watch chuck, don’t know about Eli Stone, don’t like two and half men

    @Zuno – agreed

    @a7med – How I Met Your Mother, is soooo much better then Two and Half Men!

    @7ussien – I need to check out Breaking Bad! The Reaper is back on!

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