LEGO Technic Street Bike

I have recently gotten the urge to put things together and what better to satisfy that urge then with Lego Technic. I was just think how I’m being childish about this until I came across this beauty of a model, they made a model of the Ducati 749, how appropriate is that. The lines look great on this piece, it seems to have a V4 based on the commentary. Who doesn’t enjoy putting a Lego model together that really functions like this motorcycle.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. That looks nice cool, does it have a motor? May I know where you bought it from ?
    I get the urge to build sometimes and I get a Gundam kit. :)

  2. Fun fun fun!

    I once put together a Lego Ferrari F1 model – it was so much fun – I’d stay up late just trying to get as much done.

    A few weeks later my nephew comes – plays with it and pulls it apart!

  3. Nice… It would be fun to jump on it and watch it crumble to pieces :P

  4. Yousef

    I have been spending the last 6 months convincing myself that I am too old to be buying LEGO. BUT GOD DAMN IT ITS FUN AND I WANT TO BRING OUT MY CHILD SIDE!!

    I think I need one more push to go ahead and buy me a LEGO model.


  5. Mohammed

    seems intresting we all have a child within us!i wonder where u bought it from? and how long it took u to build it.

  6. @Mathai – It doesn’t have a motor! I didn’t buy it YET! lol! From Amazon, I seriously want to get it!

    @B – I used to hide my Lego toys! Wouldn’t let people touch it!!!

    @Miss-Informed – loool! Its tiny!

    @Yousef – GET IT! Seriously! I’m on the edge too!

    @Mohammed – I didn’t buy or build it yet! I want to though!

    @T916 – Very! :D

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