Star Trek Movie in Kuwait

Let me just say this, usually I boycott the movie theaters in Kuwait because of the butchery a film goes through. This time I have gotten confirmation that very little from the Star Trek movie has been censored, about 3 scenes have been cut which isn’t bad for Kuwait’s standard of censorship. If you have been waiting to see this movie as I have then go see it now, you won’t regret it. Another odd thing we have in Kuwait is that people who think that the Spandex suits that these characters might wear is too revealing then they complain to the Ministry of Information and they take the movie back in for another round of chopping, so the earlier you see it the better chances you have of it being shown with the least amount of cuts, at this point its only 3 cuts so go watch it.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. ……. spandex ……. that’s what the problem is with the world we live in …… for fucks sake ……

  2. jewaira

    sexy spandex…better see it while am london then

  3. I’m going to see it tonightttttttttt! I’ll let you know the deleted scenes :D

  4. Sylar to me will never be badass after this picture.

  5. Q80Warlock

    No Orion girl scene…that sux.

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