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Review: Star Trek

There is a lot that can be said about this movie, but I’m not going to spoil it for anyone, I only four words “Go SEE THE MOVIE”. J.J.Abrams has done an amazing job of making a Star Trek movie for the masses as well as keep all the little details of James T Kurk story, those who know the details will notice all the little things they placed in it. The action is fast paced and the story for being so rich doesn’t bore you at all, it keeps you interested at every point even though they had a lot of story to cover. The actors who were chosen for the roles were perfect in my opinion, or you could say their combination and flow was perfect and you could see it throughout the movie. I LOVED Simon Peg in the movie as Scotty, he fit it so perfectly its fantastic. Then there was the so many nostalgic moments from the music to some of the lines, it gets to you if you are Star Trek fan. Just an amazing movie, I can’t wait for the one after this one, I don’t know if J.J.Abrams is going to take the next one I hope he does.

Link: IMDB