Daytona 675 SE

I have a Daytona 675 that I bought when it first came out, it wasn’t available in Grey so I took it in Red. It is a remarkable machine that I have always enjoyed riding, I have yet to modify anything on it. Triumph is about to debut the new Daytone 675SE which flaunts the colors of Pearl White and Sparkle Blue, and it is one beautiful machine. There have been a few modifications over the years, its still running the 126 bhp inline three-cylinder engine and they have perfected their formula to make it work. This bike will be selling for $9999 and less then 350 will be made.

Link: Autoblog

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  1. i love the color!!

  2. punky

    really nice! I have always wanted a triumph, who is the agent here??

  3. Darren

    Just ordered one – last one the shop is getting in a right result if i say so

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