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Cafeteria Shuwaikh

It was just one of those morning when you feel like you could have slept in the whole day. Then my friend says how bout Cafeteria Shuwaikh for breakfast, that got me awake, I haven’t been there in months and you can never go wrong with Cafeteria Shuwaikh. I have probably never seen a female creature in the vicinity of that place, I’m assuming its because of the location rather then the food, because the food is damn good.

What I really like about the place is how simple it is and how clean it is, it wouldn’t have lasted this many years if it wasn’t the case. I remember going into the back before, and this time around I checked out the back and its just as clean. The best part is that if you are hungry the food comes out pretty fast but you have to know what to choose, I go straight for the Laham Bil Ajeen, some the guys had the pizza and zaatar but I didn’t feel like them really. They have this laban which is pretty tasty as well, hit the spot for the morning before heading out.