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These machine has been in development for a very long time, and the Bavarian company had a target, to pretty much destroy all the bikes in the pack. Now they have really come out with a machine that seems borderline scary, I can’t wait to get a ride on this superb piece of German engineering. I won’t go into technical terms, honestly I don’t completely understand everything that BMW did to create the guts of this machine, all I know is that they created an unconventional 999cc inline-four engine redlining at 14,200rpm (600cc Territory) producing 193 bhp with normal 95 RON unleaded fuel. A lot of the details and technical advancements of this machine has been borrow from BMW’s Formula team. They made some advancements with this machine including a traction control system which has four variable settings for all your riding thrills. With all this going into this beautiful machine they have claimed 193 bhp which is ridiculous, I just hope it handles as much as it can go.

Link: Superbike