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GulfRun 4

Engines revving, cars skidding, adrenaline pumping, and a big smile on my face. That is probably the whole feeling I had during GulfRun 2008. I don’t think there is something that I look forward to as much as this event once a year. 40+ cars, so many drivers, tons of friends and family, we had the events in Kuwait which was the build up to the Bahrain International Circuit. I wasn’t on the track much since I was preoccupied with a few things but I was having so much fun with a lot of people and this event does bring people together, and I always catch up with people I see them on the street randomly or someplace else. This footage was put together by myself (20%) and Doc S (80%), I only did the story board and music, Doc pretty much did everything else, we make a great team. Now we made to uploads one to youtube so it spreads like wildfire and the other to Vimeo for those who have Youtube blocked at work and its better quality in my opinion. Now I really can’t wait for GulfRun 5.

GulfRun 4 from Marzouq on Vimeo.