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Review: Hamburger Union

Today I decided to go have lunch at the Avenues, to try out Hamburger Union with a few friends since we kept hearing about. Walked into the place, you can’t miss it, its right at the entrance of Magic Planet and I remember seeing it there for months with the shutters closed. We sat down in the booth which was a little cramped but we wanted the booth. People told me that it is a UK franchise, when I asked the head waiter he told me that is from UK but the menu was changed recently to fit the needs of Kuwait, I wasn’t sure what that meant but I was too hungry to really compute.

We ordered some appetizers, a few simple things, Curly Fries, Chicken Wings, and Onion Rings. The first thing you notice about the place is that its really red, I mean realllly red and a lot of the funky work on the walls was from cardboard which felt a little cheap but who cares if the food is good. I kept thinking about Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Pretty in Pink because the colors and setting would have really fit in the 1980s. There was a conveyor belt with two sets of seats going around it, it was just like the one at Slider Station but with a lot more seats, I always wondered how they made those things and how people got to the middle if they need to go in.

The appetizers arrived and I wanted to dive right in, everything looked pretty good but the portions were a bit on the low side. The curly fries were pretty good and the sauces were great. The chicken wings looked good but when I took a bite into them they felt a bit stretchy, as if they weren’t fully cooked, so I put those down. Wasn’t a big fan of the onion rings, it wasn’t that good either but the sauce was good. So the appetizers were decent but I was really looking forward to the sliders.

I ordered four kinds of sliders and a couple of sliders each, some had bacon, some had smokey sauce, shredded lettuce, cheese, mayo, and a few other combination. About 15 minutes later all the burgers came out, and almost 8 out of 9 had red buns which looked pretty cool. I took my first bite out of the Smokey Burger which had the bacon and the only good tasting part about it was the beef bacon, but the rest was a disaster. Each one of us tried the different burgers and the best one was the one with the bacon. It was really strange the burgers were really thin, you could barely tasted them, they felt really rubbery, you would just keep chewing them. The burgers were dry and oily at the same time, I couldn’t believe how bad they all were the quality was horrible. I could honestly do a better job make patties from Americana Patties, these were bad, for the prices they were charging I thought they were wagyu burgers but they weren’t. We couldn’t finish all the burgers we stopped about 2/3 through the meal and asked for the check. The food was really over priced for that mediocre quality, the price is what fooled me I thought they were using Wagyu meat but instead it was more like rubber. At that point I felt bad, there was Johnny Rockets across from Hamburger Union and I made my friends eat at this place for lunch. The only reason I gave this place even one star is because the staff was nice, but I wouldn’t even touch their food.