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Just recently going to the movies I remembered how bad the popcorn and nachos tasted at the KNCC. The popcorn was dry and really lacked flavor, and the Nachos were slightly stale. Even though they didn’t look that good I wanted them for the movie. I understand that KNCC wants to make as much money as possible from the film viewers, but still providing such bad quality food is very sad. I don’t know why they don’t produce sweet popcorn which is easily available from any company in the UK. They can get better recipes to make popcorn, how they can screw up popcorn so bad bewilders me. Honestly the popcorn that you make in your microwave tastes better then the one KNCC has, I just hope that at some point in time they hope to improve the food and selection, outsourcing would be better for them but knowing how closed minded they are I doubt they would even consider it citing quality control as an issue.

Now for the seats, for the Star Trek premiere we chose the seats marked in red. I just choose the ones to the center and there were 11 of us, and I didn’t really care for people coming to the cinema its a first come first serve basis. When you go to the booking page, they tell you your seats are final and can’t be changed at this point. When we got to the theaters I went to print out the tickets and saw they shifted us one seat over to the stairs so there would be two seats empty to our right. I was so pissed I wanted to punch the screen, I printed the tickets and went to the customer relations guy and asked him about this. He said that IT keeps an eye on all bookings and if there are dead spots they move people over to make empty seats, but if I bought the tickets myself at the window they couldn’t have done anything about it. It really pissed me off, not about the seats but saying that all seat choices are final yet they tampered with it. I really wanted to make a fuss but I was too happy to see the movie, next time I will reach through the monitor and strangle the IT guy.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. That sucks. What about the movie itself? Was it chopped up? I mean, its Star Trek so how chopped up could it be…right? (debating whether to Blu-Ray or Cinema it)

  2. They’ve got a sad caramel popcorn thats nowhere near good compared to how much they charge. About the seats thing, the booking system usually shifts your seats when you do a bulk booking coz I’ve seen it when booking for my whole family.

  3. Considering it’s VIP, they shouldn’t bother the customers if they hog the screen and want the middle seats. =O

    But it is business afterall, try to sell as many seats.

  4. @suspic – I agree its business but its contradicting their policy. The funny part is that if I bought at the cinema they couldn’t have done anything!


    hathy al-kwt sal 3laa al-nby

  6. Khaled

    first of all: cenima has a policy where there cant be a single seat empty it has to be in pairs

    second: the popcorn is good

    thirds: kncc has no choice in keeping movies uncut, the ministry has demanded them to do so!

    fourth: why do kuwaiti’s have to talk negative all the time and why not say one positive thing about the cenima,, ya3ni its much better than cenimas in other companies and its one of the best in the region!


  7. Ray J

    seating arrangements should be like in the states, first come first serve

  8. The Movie Diva

    Z District is absolutely right.

    The food is not good – the popcorn itself and containers are a joke. I can make better popcorn in my microwave.

    A large popcorn here is a medium popcorn in the UAE or the States. So is the drink size.

    There isnt much food, couple of chocolate brands here and there (maltesers etc). Not much choice.

    In UAE, you get pretzels, different popcorn brands (in large ROUND containers) such as cheese, etc. You get much better nachos, fresh stuff.

    This is what a real cinema vendor area shoudl look like:

    But since KNCC has *no* competition, they dont need to improve services or quality control.

    As for the guy above who said KNCC doesnt cut movies the Ministry does, then why doesnt KNCC do a ratings system? Why doesnt it fight for a ratings system?

  9. Hanood

    hello you are totelly right but even the popcorn in UK cinema is too salty .
    to tell you the truth we make our own sweet and salt popcorn and take it with us also i brinf Nachoos from Jam3iya its the same brand but fresher (blue bag Nachoes)

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  11. Yeah… Cinescape thinks they can do anything they want with us to make them more money. What total crap.

    I recall when I wanted to book with my wife and kid. I always want the last row, but I couldnt book. Why? Cause there were 4 seats left and we’re only 3! So I have to pick another row, and someone else will come later and enjoy coming last, being served better!

  12. You know what we need? because of all the cinema hatred posts, we need some anti-cinescape kuwait cinema sucks blog :P

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  14. Ezzz

    had gone for the 3D-IMAX experience of Avatar yesterday…
    * The popcorn was way too salty (caused dehydration)
    * even though they said they fixed the 3D, there were a couple of parts where there was no 2D or 3D whatsoever
    * Heights of it all, (forget about the ministry sensoring) the guy who was playing the camera reel kept covering the screen with his bare hands :o …

    so much for paying more to watch a 3D IMAX movie in Kuwait….

  15. Ezzz: You’re kidding me right? A guy manually blocking the whole camera! I have tickets for today just to see it in 3D. I guess Dubai trip is inevitable.

  16. WTF?? I guess they’re not able to manually edit the film of the IMAX version so the only way to prevent our ‘feeble minds’ from being corrupted by decadent Western culture would be to block it with his bare hands. :P

  17. Ezzz

    Well this was at the 360 Mall in Kuwait… so if you are elsewhere then damn u must be lucky… oh well i did enjoy the movie (overall) – either u watch it in 3D-IMAX or its just gonna b another adventure animax movie

  18. Ezzz: Well I already saw it in regular cinema, and felt the loss of 3D beauty. So I’ve already booked for 3D IMAX tickets, and now I read this :/

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