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2009 BMW Z4

Now BMW has really come out of no where this design, I wasn’t really expecting this from BMW. I’m a person who has always been a bit annoyed with the Z3/Z4 but this time around they have taken the right step. they have modified and expanded the car to make it a luxury roadster of sorts, I was a huge fan of the BMW Z8 and still think of it as an amazing vehicle and the dimensions of the new Z4 is very similar to that of the Z8. The body and look has a very nice flow to it with a very nicely thought out interior and amazing interior.

You can choose between the “Z4 sDrive30i” and the “Z4 sDrive35i.” Simplified, the sDrive30i is the entry-level model with the normally-aspirated powerplant and an abbreviated list of standard features. The sDrive35i gets the two turbochargers, bigger brakes, a larger tire contact patch out back and more standard creature comforts. Visibly differentiating the two are the accents on the front grille (silver treatment on the sDrive35i), the exhaust outlets (dual chrome exhaust on the sDrive35i), and fancier wheels.


  • SDrive30i – 3.0liter inline-Six (255bhp/220lb-ft of torque) with a six speed manual or six speed automatic (0-60 mph of 5.6 seconds for the manual and 6.0 seconds for the automatic)
  • SDrive35i – Twin Turbo 3.0liter inline-six (300bhp/300lb-ft of torque) six speed manual or seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DSG)(0-60 of 5.1 seconds with the manual and 5 seconds with the DSG)

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