A Shalaih in Kuwait

I got these pictures by email and I was impressed by this very nicely designed shalaih. It looks more like a resort then a shalaih, it is modern and I think they did an amazing job with the landscape design, very simple and making it clean and beautiful. The overall lighting scheme of the places is very nice, especially the pool at night. It seems to have three living rooms, I’m not sure why but it doesn’t look like they took pictures of the whole place. Even the Z4 in those pictures looks really nice with that lighting.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. That Chalet’s architect is Aziz AlHumaidhi (NAJEEB ALHUMAIDHI ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY)and the interior design was by Farah AlHumaidhi (Interior Art). The concept was to have a chalet in Julai3a that compromised of 3 different buildings. In other words, this chalet is actually 3 separate chalets connected together in one structure. BTW the BMW belongs to the architect who also enjoys photography! ;o)

  2. some people in Kuwait have extraordinary taste!
    beautiful architecture!

    i feel like swimming :)

  3. Glen

    Amazing work!!!

  4. I still can’t believe this is in Kuwait! Looks like one of those houses you see in magazines! Mashala!

  5. Me

    very ellegent and simple .. very much my style.. congras. on the good work.. I hope all shalaihs would look similar to that.

  6. i’ve been to some houses here in kuwait,, it’s like being in a 007 movie and never found better decorations anywhere else.

  7. Great taste and very elegant to the last detail. Mashallah Alla ihanneehum.

    The living room furniture is like mine :) from The One…

  8. woah I love it! Everything about it! Nothing I hate!

  9. jewaira

    I got the same email too and I thought it was stunning

  10. I disagree, Aston Martin would be more appropriate with this bondish style !

  11. It’s amazing it is what my dreamhouse looks like hehe simplistic and elegant :P

  12. NASSER

    don’t forget to say Ma sha’a Allah people

  13. q8expat

    very elegant…and crisp… looks like something out of Robbs Report magazine….

  14. Mohammed dashti

    this chalet is in bnaider not jlai3a

  15. Q80 In Denver

    First .. Mashalla oo allah yehaneehom :p

    Second I love the clean, Modern look .. But i really don’t feel it’s suitable for living cause it looks more like a display rooms instead of the actual! with couple of tweaks, this will look like Heaven on earth! overall Mashalla 3ajeeb :)

  16. Ahmad al Khaled

    yes i think its in bnaider

  17. kooki

    Mashalla :) beautiful.. I like the exterior more than the interior, the interior kinda makes the place look a bit smaller..
    The pool! I want!

    I saw this chalet, it’s in Bnaider, not Jlaia’a

  18. Mohammed dashti

    ana ‘3abi

  19. Gorgeous mashalla!
    I really LOVE IT!

  20. @The Stallion – Thanks for the info, now we can credit his beautiful work!

    @OhNo – Agreed, that pool does look enticing

    @Glen – Very true!

    @Zuno – There is some hidden secrets in Kuwait!

    @Me – very few look similar to this, a majority are pretty crappy looking! The landscaping is amazing with this!

    @vampire – Some houses do have some nice work, but they are always hidden!

    @Bu Yousef – ee wala! Mashalla!

    @ananyah – Very nice!

    @jewaira – Yes, its amazing!

    @mishref – I agree!

    @Jacqui – Inshalla you will have your dream house!

    @NASSER – People are saying it 7amdilla! O 9ij Mashalla!

    @q8expat -I agree!

    @Mohammed dashti – Who cares! I have no clue where it is, bes alah ehaneehum!

    @Q80 In Denver – That is why its a shalaih, meant to have a simple design and for ease of living!

    @Ahmad al Khaled – interesting!

    @kooki – The overall design is excellent! It serves a purpose!

    @Mohammed dashti – la la! ma nurtha chithy!

    @eshda3wa – Best thing in Kuwait is the shalaih!

    @B – Its amazing!

  21. 3azeez

    mashallah, allah ehaneehom.. i’m used to seeing pix like this of concepts, but not real life buildings :)

    too bad there will be ‘3bar like 10 months a year ;/

  22. TI3GIB

    euukh, I can’t imagine living somewhere this cold and heartless. No white leather for me thanks, I’ll stick to my leather cigar couch.

  23. Mohammed dashti

    sorry bas ana jaaad ‘3abi!!:(

  24. nice… is der any rental facility some thing like this chalet.. i man with nice swim pol… for a foto shoot?

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