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Gundam Fix Metal Composite MSZ-006A1/C! Z plus[Red]

A metal Gundam figure is rare to find, luckily for me I have received two as a gift from a friend. One is blue and the other is red, they came in pretty big boxes. I started with the red one since I have been watching the last Gundam series and it got me worked up. It turns out this figure can have about four different variations, two are robots and two are planes, and it gets pretty complicated.

I unpacked the boxes, kept everything its place but spread around me on the floor. The instructions are in Japanese but its pretty clear from the pictures, but sometimes I had a hard time trying to figure out how exactly they stayed in place. I didn’t go for the plane version of the Gundam I’m thinking of doing that for the other one, with the Robot version you have a lot of options. The bigger robot version looks damn cool but the normal version looks great as well, so I went halfway and beefed up the normal version a bit. Didn’t take too long, one hour and a bit of sitting on the floor and tinkering with it and all the different pieces and I have my Gundam put together.

Now to find a place for it, after searching around I decided to put it in the location of the evil Mazinger and move that next to my other Mazinger Z figures. Right now its sitting next to my Sonos Speaker and looks pretty good. I really have to reorganize the items I have in my room, too many things piled up.