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Emirates Terminal 3 is Huge!

Going to Emirates Terminal 3 I thought I was used to it but I was completely wrong its a lot bigger then I knew. I have been just taking flights close to the center of the terminal turns out there is another part which is a 20 minute walk away, a couple of kilos at least, terminal 3 is seriously huge. I didn’t think about it much, since I could see the ending of the section only to discover a set of stair going down to an even longer walkway of gates. Turns out that if your gate is in the 100 range that you have a very long walk ahead of you, I knew it was a big terminal but not that big. Luckily I found an Emirates lounge right next to my gate but it was one hell of a walk, luckily for me I took one of those carts to to my bag in it and push it all the way, that helped relief the pain on my shoulder and made it for an easy walk. I was hungry and tired, got a bite to eat and I wanted to get on the plane to catch up on some sleep and get some work done.