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Review: Eyeshield 21

Plot Summary: Kobayakawa Sena is a little guy who always get picked on by the bullies in school. Since elementary school, he always play the role of the ‘errand boy’ to the extent that he has become swift and fast in his movements. Coincidentally, Hiruma Youichi and Kurita Ryukan are looking for a fast running back for their American Football team (Amefuto) and want to put Sena in the team. To hide their new ‘star’ player from the eyes of other High Schools, Hiruma encases Sena in a Amefuto helmet with a dark visor and name him Eyeshield #21.

After 145 episodes at last Eyeshield 21 has come to an end, and what an adventure it was. I feel like I went through all this adventure with the whole Deimon Devil Bats team, I know them by heart, their positions, their numbers, and their personalities. My favorite is Hiruma because he is insane and always pushing his team, then there is Sena, Monta, Kurita, and then all the other amazing players from the other teams. I love American Football, probably the only sport that I love playing and watching so much. I could connect with Sena Kobayakawa since he is the amazing running back of the Deimon Devil Bats, the invincible Eyeyshield 21. I played the running back position so I could relate to him but I wasn’t fast, I was only good at taking a beating from the other teams tacklers. Watching the last episode of the anime felt like saying good bye to a group of friends, so many ups and downs, you felt happy from every episode, they fought so many battles with so many teams and improving their skills just so they could beat Ojou White Knights and head towards the Christmas Bowl. So many different characters and so much fun, you would really relate to any number of them, especially through all the hardships they went through to get to the top. I’m not sure if there is going to be anything after this but even after so many years I still want to see more of Eyeshield 21.

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