Geiger Corvette Z06

Other then the lime green look of this machine, its a rocket on wheels. With 890 bhp and 694 ft-lbs of torque coming from the Twin Turboed Z06 engine, you don’t know what to expect of this machine. I do like the rear of that car, the hood doesn’t seem too appealing, but what a monster coming from a German firm. Too handle all this power they have upgraded the brakes, installed a carbon fiber drive shaft, upgraded the clutch to handle this amount of power. I’m honestly surprised that a German company would be so interested in American machines, but the Z06 is one interesting car.

Link: Autoblog

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  1. the green is a little much ….

  2. Abadi

    looks like a ferrari from behind.

  3. punky

    Code Name: Green Goblin

  4. Lulu

    price range?

  5. I had a sour reaction looking at the green. KDD lime sherbet ice cream.

  6. nicki

    Definitely on the top of my list for cars I want. That color is my favorite, which makes it all the better.

  7. z06LOVER

    How much regular Horsepower does this car have?
    What year is it?

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