Review: Fringe

There have been very few shows that have set itself at the top such as this. Fringe is the best Sci Fi Drama show to air on television period. The characters are very interesting, the storyline is fantastic, you never have a dull episode. Every time I watched an episode I enjoyed it immensely but at the same time I was left with more questions, where was it going, who is in charge, what was going on, what can happen next. The best part is that what ever was happening is usually explained to a degree or is a part of science that can be explained, but such advances in human test subjects that you only here of in secret testing facilities. All this is packed into one hell of a show, the season finale left me wanting more, I didn’t even know it was the season finale until it was too late, what a great ending, I really can’t wait for season 2 to start.

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  1. This show is fricking awesome!! cant wait for season 2, they have extended the contract for another season. :D
    btw.. have you been able to figure out those images at the end of most episodes ? :S

  2. Purgatory

    One of my favorite shows, hope season 2 goes even further.

  3. The BEST part really is the lack of (well, very few) commercials!

  4. abbas

    one of the best shows out there!

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