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Out to Sea

Its been a while since I went to the shalaihaat and jumped in the water, started off early Friday morning and visited some family. Picked up a friend to go pick up another friend’s jet skit, he didn’t have a car to tow his jet ski. When we got there turned out the trailers’ tire was completely flat, and the little nozel was ripped off so we couldn’t even pump it back up.

We took to the road and were averaging between 130 – 140 kph, it was pretty hot and I was looking forward to jumping in the water. A few people were already there and a few were coming after us. Took us about 40 minutes to get there and we were enjoying the music all the way there. We even took a detour to take a dirt road, its been a while since I have had the Landcruiser drifting in a dirt trail in 2nd gear. Got the shalaih, threw our things inside and headed to Khairan coop to get some supplies. We got enough to last a week, so we chilled in the shalaih until everybody got there before jumping in.

One jetski was taken into the water and its the kind you have to stand up to get it going. I haven’t been on one in at least four years, and I remember then that I was damaged since I fell the wrong way while trying to turn. This time I thought I would try again and hope to succeed. I tried my luck and after about 5 minutes I was exhausted couldn’t even stand up in the damn thing without falling over.

Some of the other guys took that machine and did a better job, I decided to give it another try in a little while. It was nice to relax in the water, got some swimming in, I’m the type of person that doesn’t like not knowing whats under him, I always look under me when I’m over those dark patches of water. For some reason in Bnaider ever jet boat or boat of equivalent size was filled with girls going back and forth, they looked like high school girls. And on the beach their were girls on quads and buggies going all over the place, for the first time we felt like the old guys just relaxing in the water.

After that time I gave it another try and I succeeded in staying upright and making a few turns, but as soon as I thought I got the hang of it I pushed my luck. I tried making one of those cool turns, but instead I hit the wave at a wrong angle ended up hitting the damn jetski with my body and flying in the other direction, lets say I had to swim a little bit to get back to the jet ski. It was a hell of a lot of fun, but as the sun was setting everyone was heading out and so we took up the jet.

Washed the jet ski, went in to take a shower and nearly burnt myself from the hot water. Then we chilled and watched TV for a little while. A few of us passed out, then we watched a few movies, I didn’t stay the night since I had things to do in the morning. I know that I want to enjoy the ocean this time around, I also need to get back in shape since I gained too damn much, so much the life jacket wouldn’t fit me among other things.