Two Tier Solution

I had the Belkin ADSL which worked all nice and dandy for only a few days before funky things started happening. I wanted a one box solution which I could use for all my needs instead I got another bunch of headaches. If I left my desktop for more then a day it wouldn’t be able to access the internet, I would have to manually restart the router. If a laptop was put into standby I wouldn’t be able to connect to the wireless connection, again I would have to reboot the router. Another thing which really bothered me was that for some reason the connection was a bit slow whenever I did a traceroute there was always a long delay with a multiple websites, so after going through this hell for a couple of weeks I went back to my old solution.

I brought back the Cisco Modem and D-Link Router, as soon as I plugged it everything was back to normal. Browsing felt very fast and stable, I was downloading and browsing faster then before. Even when I was sharing the connection with the main PC I was having issues with it hanging. Now with this solution its working perfectly, my only gripe is that I can’t really do any configurations with the Cisco Modem, if I try anything from the console I will probably crash it, I can’t even access its web based interface, until I find somebody that can I will leave things as is.

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  1. Barry McGarry

    Try upgrading the firmware; or configure it as an access point.

  2. VirusX

    Belkin and 3com routers have a problems in their cache memories ..

    I’ve a 3com router, the thing is when i download something over 2GB’s i need to restart it because it starts to hang and make my connection (limited or no connectivity) ..

    even though i uploaded the latest firmware..

    Just a clue .. Have you tried to upgrade the Belkin firmware to the latest?

    cuz many issues like this are solved with a newer firmwares

    can you provide me with your model no?


  3. Contact belkin support, they’ll send you a beta firmware (April) it works better than the pre-installed one.

  4. Bader

    Hi Marzouq, I can help with the confugration if you want. Just lemme know what you need and and I can send you the commands. I think you said once that you wanted to configure DDNS. I have config. Trust me its not that hard. Will be happy to help.

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