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Pending Tasks

You know when you have so many tasks that they pile up and you really don’t get anywhere with anything. I come back from work exhausted and all I can think about is planting myself in front of the tv and doing nothing but watching Anime or Battlestar Galactica. I did go swimming on Monday which felt fantastic and I fell asleep right away that night, but I keep thinking if only I had music outdoors it would be a little more fun swimming late at night.

  • Cleaning up my room (This has been on the back burner for a while now)
  • Work on 2nd Gundam Model
  • Rewire the cabinet area again, needs major clean up
  • Go to Huperoptic for some tinting job for a car (Best Tint in Kuwait, going to do a follow up on that)
  • Reorganizing about 229 GBs worth of Anime and Movies into their folders in the Hazmat Windows Homer Server
  • Organize the pile of books I have
  • Work on the Rackmounted Server and put it together, it has been sitting on the floor for over two months now

I think I should just pick one thing and work on it, all of this and I still have GulfRun in mind and planning for it.

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