Review: Dragonball Evolution

I don’t know what to say, it was as bad as I thought except that I was laughing a lot. I couldn’t believe how they messed up the storyline and wanted to make characters as insane as the Anime. Dragonball has developed a cult following who are dedicated to the whole anime and know the story inside out, the studio wanted to cash on this so they made a movie which is bombed at the box office. This whole movie was really cheesy and the hair styles were priceless.

Link: IMDB

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  1. Bader

    They didn’t even get the story right. The Anime was much much better.

  2. The director doesn’t know anything about the dragon ball series or anime for that matter. My god, I’m sure all DB fans are going creasy in Japan over this shit. And to make the matter worse, Goku was the only non Asian one.

    Only one word can really bring the true feelings of my thoughts about this piece of shit …. FAIL

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