Shooting Pain

Right about in the afternoon I got some strange feeling in my left leg, just ignored it and kept doing what I was doing. Later on in the day towards 3:30 pm the pain got worse, and its a strange feeling. It didn’t feel like a joint or muscle pain, it was a strange throbbing pain the increased or decreased in pain. I was doing anything suddenly I would feel a shooting pain at the top of my left leg, and if I stood it made no difference, I tried walking it off but that didn’t help much. Later on the evening the pain increased to a immobilizing amount, I couldn’t really ignore it since it would stop me from walking and I would lean on the wall. I called up a friend and he told its one of a few things which I couldn’t remember their names, but he said its probably tendinitis and if that’s the case then I should just rest, if it consists until next morning I should come in to have it checked out. Based on his recommendation I put some deep heat and I’m hoping to pass out, but it was really annoying.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. jewaira

    hope you feel better

  2. prefer not to disclose my name

    إحتمال يكون عرق النسا أو ما يسمى باللومباجو, بكل الأحوال يستحسن لو تراجع الطبيب حتى لو الالم إختفى

    هل تضطر للقعدة على الكرسي لفترة طويلة من غير حركة؟ كما في المكتب او بالطيارة؟

    طريقة قعدتك امام الكمبيوتر ايضا ممكن يكون لها دخل

    in most cases it might be a simple tension, but you HAVE to see a doctor and do not neglect it.

    سلامات وماتشوف شر

  3. nasser


    u need an urgent spa treatment.

  4. Salamaat! I hope you feel better soon Marzouq. Take it easy budyy

  5. Daddyz Girl

    Salamat o malik shar marzouq, mo chinik shayabt early ;P hope u feel better soon

  6. q8expat

    have it checked….and get better….

  7. Ray J

    had that in my knee 6 months ago, go to sultan they have disposable therma pads. they do miracles

  8. Mohammad

    How r u feelin now ….. i hope its better

  9. Slamat, ma tshof shar, hope u’ll b better

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