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Asian Movies Coming Up

I know that this is a specific genre that not everyone watches but I tend to enjoy Asian movies. They are always a bit exaggerated especially the action movies, so here are a few that I am looking forward to. I have posted a few of the Youtube trailers but some of the other ones I couldn’t find.

Crows Zero 2 – Full on school brawling in Japan, the fight scenes are just like battle scenes.

Blood: The Last Vampire

Oppai: A teacher who just joined a school and she is in charge of the volleyball club who are just a bunch of losers. To motivate them she promised to show them her breasts if they win, and oppai is Japanese for breasts. You have to love the Japanese

Legendary Assasin – A Man looking for revenge! This movie is just filled with nonstop martial arts and fight scenes, the whole trailer is filled with fight scenes