Asian Movies Coming Up

I know that this is a specific genre that not everyone watches but I tend to enjoy Asian movies. They are always a bit exaggerated especially the action movies, so here are a few that I am looking forward to. I have posted a few of the Youtube trailers but some of the other ones I couldn’t find.

Crows Zero 2 – Full on school brawling in Japan, the fight scenes are just like battle scenes.

Blood: The Last Vampire

Oppai: A teacher who just joined a school and she is in charge of the volleyball club who are just a bunch of losers. To motivate them she promised to show them her breasts if they win, and oppai is Japanese for breasts. You have to love the Japanese

Legendary Assasin – A Man looking for revenge! This movie is just filled with nonstop martial arts and fight scenes, the whole trailer is filled with fight scenes

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. can’t wait for blood the last vampire. loved both the anime movie and the manga.

  2. Im guessing they don’t make it to Hollywood haha;p

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