Mitsubishi Evolution X FQ400

I have always been a huge fan of the Mitsubishi Evolution, the last one EVO X was an interesting machine. A lot of people didn’t like that it wasn’t as aggressive as the previous ones, I’m still a fan of the EVO 8. But this iteration of the EVO 10 looks promising with the FQ400, the best thing about this machine is that the engine can handle all these modifications and I bet it handles as good as it looks. Too bad its only sold in the UK.

Link: Autoblog

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  1. anasmak11

    this one looks pretty good.. but im still debating if i like the evo X..
    still cant decide :S

  2. Excellent info! I found much of new materials Thx

  3. Omar

    I’ve seen one in Kuwait, the same colour..
    I bet you can see it someday on 2nd ring road too
    it’s just so heart pounding to hear one pass by

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