Didn’t get much sleep the last night it was pretty messed up but happily the pain was lessening by morning. I was awake in bed pretty much flipping from side to side from 4 am to 8 am. When to Mubarak hospital with my friend, got an XRay of my leg, hip and back area to see what exactly was going on. The Doc asked me a couple of questions, and put on some gloves, put some pressure and made me do some movements. followers packages Turned out to be inflammation of a ligament and I did something about 72 hours ago, which I would probably relate to water activities. He just told me to take it easy for the day and relax and gave me something for the pain, there isn’t much I can do for it except some physical therapy at a later point.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. FYI: The x-ray picture is of hands not feet ;)

  2. M.

    Where is the pain exactly that you are feeling? the knees?

    I think I have the same problem as you do!

    Do you work out in the gym or something? Give me details I could help.

  3. VirusX

    Salamat Marzouq, ma tshouf shar ..
    I thinks it’s related to Jet skiing :)

  4. Maa etshoof shar. You really have to take care of yourself, you only got one body so treat it well :)

    Stay safe!

  5. hey buddy
    1. x-rays only shows bone defects.
    2. MRI will tell you everything.
    3. i had similar symptoms and ignored it, then became slipped desk problem and sciatica nerve problem.
    4. go to a physiotherapist ASAP. i know the best place in kuwait (been to dozens of places and know what i’m talking about. it’s behind Dar Al-Shifa hospital, a red/maroon school, basement there is a rehabilitation center. don’t ignore it and rest is most important.
    5. hope it’s minor

  6. FYI: The x-ray picture is of hands not feet ;)

  7. i would go check it out at a the IC or Hadi Hospital ma tiswa 3alayk honestly.

  8. Slamat, glad its something temporary, hopefully with therapy you will be as good as new. Ma tshof shar dear

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