To The Beach!

This has been an interesting weekend, after hanging out Thursday night for our usual get together we headed out straight to the shalaih at night. We all got there about the same time, 6 cars all together, already a few people there ahead of us. Most of us crash early, I spend a few hours watching anime which I almost manage to finish the whole series.

We get up next morning around 10 am, breakfast already in the kitchen, but I decided I wanted eggs and worked on that while watching Mel Gibsons’ Payback. We all decided to jump in the water, one jet ski was brought out and then a few others. Later on in the day the boat was brought out then another friend came with a boat. By noon we were more then 20 guys in the water, some flying around in the jetskis and some on the boats and some in the water. Then they started towing the Banana and all I can say is that I have a few bruises to prove that we flew off. I need to bring my life jacket with me, because it also absorbs some impacts which I could have been sparred. On another note, sun block is your friend because at this point I’m a little burnt and crispy especially after 7 hours in the sun. I’m all bruised up and feeling sore in all the wrong places but I never laughed that much in a while.

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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. if only Kuwait’s beaches were as pristine as the pic you have on.

  2. i spent the weekend at work,, writing this reply in my office

  3. Someone

    wow this is azez

  4. The weather was perfect… Spent Saturday morning with the kids in the pool which was perfect after a long business trip.

    Mashallah the shot of your friend on the jet ski is AMAZING. More beach/water shots please :)

  5. Mon Mon

    elba7aar 7adda eshaweg ..
    Shawaaagtny ;)

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