Jay Leno has Stepped Down

Its been so many years and now Jay Leno is stepping down from The Tonight Show. Conan O’Brian is stepping in for him on the show but it isn’t going to be the same. I preferred Jay Leno over most of the other late night presenters. He has this way of being a straight shooter and a way of pointing out the obvious, but Conan is a little bit of Klutz and David Letterman is a bit annoying. I think Jay is going to enjoy the vast amount of cars that he has collected over the years.

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  1. Farewell Leno, your long chin will never be forgotten.

  2. they gave him another program slot by the way

  3. Rashisha

    I LOVE JAY LENO ….More than Ididotic Conan..I think hes lame..

    I really am gonna miss him

  4. Yaoday

    TO hell with Leno. He always ridiciuled Islam and openly disrespected muslims with condescending jokes on his show. I love comedy but he is a loser

  5. Time to drive some of those cars!!
    O’Brian and Letterman simply don’t have the right chin :)

  6. He was a douchebag anyways.

    COnan will be welcomed.

  7. hi

    ..and also the vast amounts of cash…maybe even enjoy the FREE TIME!!

  8. I would say good bye, but it isn’t goodbye.

    I like them both but they are very different. Not sure how the Leno fans are going to respond.

    I hope they give Conan a chance… he too is very funny.

  9. dimps

    he will be back in september with a prime time show featuring his popular tonite show segmenet (monolouge,jay walking and headlines)

    the story is NBC asked him to step down while hez on top as they did with jonny carson,and he did’t really wanna do it so after he accepted jay and NBC exec figured out that he is their only successful thing on NBC!!
    i luv jay so much

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