Air France 447 Tragedy

228 people from Brazil to France on an Air France flight has vanished over the Atlantic after flying into turbulence. I haven’t seen a tragedy such as this in a long time, a flight of this type crashing in the middle of the Atlantic. Brazil sent out their Air Force to search the ocean, while France sent out rescue planes on their route as well as requesting help from US to use their Satellites to pinpoint the probable location of the crash. My prayers goes out to the family of the passengers and crew.

Link: BBC

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  1. This is really disturbing. I have never heard of planes missing from the radar and 12 hours still cant find the plane. Its almost like a conspiracy of some kind.

  2. it’s so sad, but scary how a plane can suddenly vanish like that, no may-day or distress signal…. makes you think :(

  3. JP

    I think there was an explosion, that is the only way it could have regestered as an electrical failure and to have lost complete contact with the ground; there is also no radar coverage to go by so no one knows if there was a rapid descent or if it just “disappeared” Hope it wasn’t hijacked!!! :(

  4. L.B

    its so tragic what happened…7 kids and 1 infant were on board it breaks my heart to just think how they were feeling or what they were thinking in those last minutes..i swear it brought tears to my eyes just hearing the news…god have mercy on them oo may they all rest in peace enshallah…

  5. Me

    When mother nature interferes with Technology nothing can stop it from destroying.. I hate when such thing happens!!

  6. Victor Nyaata

    So sudden and so scary. Ithink the relevant authorities should give a clear elaboration on what happened and what is happening.Sorry to family and friends

  7. another me

    i’m so sad for the families. i fly frequently and can’t imagine what the passengers must have felt, not to mention the families. i also have an infant and that just breaks my heart to think of that innocent little baby, unaware of what’s happening. in my opinion, the governing international aviation athority (whoever that is) needs to restrict pilots from flying through or above thunderstorms, and require that they fly around all storms. those storms can reach upward of 50,000 ft; trying to fly above is just too risky.

  8. Sunanda Jadon

    Its very sad and we are with families who are at this hard time,still waiting for miracle to happen some how.God bless.

  9. Ahmed El-Ashmawy

    An aircraft vanished ??? lets talk from another point ,,if it was crashed ,then where are the signals sent from the 2 BlackBox automatically to the satellite ? There is questions here

  10. joe

    Terrifying. No electricity for air compressors (loss of cabin pressure), no lights, no flight controls, (no backup hydraulic/mechanical flight controls on Airbus A330). They died in the dark, nose first.

  11. Randy

    I can only imagine the horror these poor people & Children suffered. How horrific.

    Let us not forget the design flaw in the Airbus Rudder in reaction to stiff left to right pressure movements applied from the pilots in heavy turbulence.
    Such a condition snapped the tail off a departure from JFK that entered into wake turbulence from a 747. The Severe Thunder storms in the ocean this time would of presented an even more challenging consistant condition with little options. The loss in cabin pressure indicates a breach in the aircraft skin. This Airbus model also has a known condition for the autopilot disengaging unexpectedly & caused 2 Quantas A330’s to loose altitude in a rapid desent.

    Airbus fly by wire really needs to be investigated for the sake of Human Safety Not PR to save the reputation on this Aircraft Mfr.

  12. Charles

    Fear, helpless, horrific moment – it brings tears and heart ache to hear anyone enduring that final moment.
    Really hope they were all asleep during all that moments. Its over now, their faith bring them to where they belong

  13. The same thing applies to me. I have this huge phobia and the belief that flying will be the end of me. When I

    heard the news, I was so scared for those people. I hope that they will come out alive even though the news are

    not so hopeful,I guess there’s nothing to do but wait.

  14. The spot suffers daily thunderstorms, conditions like this usually blocks electromagnetic waves entirely which literally makes the plan in a signals siege. This prevents most communications from happening, or at least makes it suffer very high noise.

  15. Simon Gunson, NZ

    Infra red satellite imagery at the time (0214GMT 01JUNE09) shows that the aircraft flew straight into a wall of towering cumulonimbus cloud reaching 55,000 feet high. This cloud called CB is deadly dangerous and destroys aircraft with violent updrafts. The pilot would have seen this cloud from hundreds of miles away on his weather radar but took no simple evasive action to avoid it.

    At 0200GMT the captain reported encountering CB cloud at 35,000 feet.

    Slamming any aircraft into towering CB at 453 knots is enough to overstress an airframe. The ACARS reported at 0210GMT advised that the autopilot disconnected and fly by wire changed to “alternate law.” This only happens if an aircraft gets thrown so violently by turbulence that the aircraft is at an unusual attitude or even inverted.

    A flurry of ACARS meassages from 0211GMT to 0213GMT indicated failure of the ADIRU which tells the aircraft data about the flight.

    Electrical failure of the power system was not signaled until 0213GMT.

    At 0214GMT the aircraft still flying at 35,000ft signaled decompression.

    The aircraft was structurally damaged by flying into violent turbulence. The structural damage ruptured the fuselage and the aircraft broke up from explosive decompression.

    That’s what happened.

    No bombs, no lightning, no failure of the navigation system.

    The pilot flew it into a meterological brick wall.

  16. sad people

    oh i dont think that its only an excident i tink thats more… and im sad for that inoccent people , for their kids… and a baby… i hope that ewerything will be explained…

  17. Very disturbing and still conflicting stories.

    My thoughts are (in no particular order)

    1. Alien Abduction
    2. Oceanic Flight 815
    3. CIA Conspiracy to use these people as guinea pigs
    4. Bermuda Triangle has a wider area than we think
    5. Hijacked
    6. Bomb on board
    7. Lost cabin pressure due to lightning, crash landed into ocean…………..

    Awful tragedy and very sad, I hope we get answers soon, until then, I’m keeping my feet on the sand.

  18. Simon Gunson, NZ

    CIA conspiracy ?
    Alien Abduction ?

    Sounds to me that you spend to much time on PPRuNe’s website listening to wannabe airline pilots ?

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