Klue offers you a chance to find out. Heart-stopping, mind-blowing, adrenalin-pumping fun and an experience you are not soon to forget. We send you on a custom-made adventure around Kuwait made especially for you and your friends.

A game across Kuwait, I remember doing something similar like this a while back and now this has come together. It looks like something interesting and different to do with a group of friends, I hope their games are indoors for the next couple of months. I was the driver of the last group so I pretty much broke every driving rule to make sure I won.

Link: Klue

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Eee i remember two years back my sister had such quest… it was like a treasure hunt in Kuwait… she said it was very hard

    something about them also wearing matching shirts and stopping people in the airport to ask about something…

    it looks like fun :D

  2. I really thank you for what u did :) !
    and u dont have to wear a shirt !
    and its about having fun ;)
    for more info plz enter http://www.k-lue.com
    and soon on al watan u will get a better picture :) thanks speacially ZDistrict

  3. Breeze

    Dhari, IE treasure hunt?

  4. Vintage.t

    LOL @ wearing capes

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