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Review: Terminator Salvation

I have been waiting months to see this movie and it turned out a little different then I expected. Christian Bale played the role of the tormented fighter who is at the edge of humanity, and he has hope that humanity will prevail against the machines, he was perfect for John Connor. This movies’ action scenes were pretty cool, even though it felt like they were trying to tell more of story then the whole action packed theme of the Terminator franchise. Terminator 2 was the most memorable for me, Terminator 3 was a major disappointment but Terminator Salvation did an excellent job with a combination of the story and action.

So many robots, and ties back to the past with a few tapes of Sarah Connor telling John all that she knows so he may make his way. The ending though still leaves it open for another sequel, this isn’t a blockbuster like Batman Begins and Iron Man but a movie really worth watching.

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