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Reading 06/09

Every once in a while I go through this reading binge where I just can’t stop reading, and I honestly have more books then I can keep up with. Or lets put it another way, I tend to find a lot of interesting books so I buy them at pace which is faster then I can finish them. Having too many choices with books leaves me stumped, I know some books are going to be great because I read the authors previous book so I want to save it for later and I try another one. Some turn out to be great and some are sometimes disappointing, I’m annoyed when I’m reading a bad book, it just feels like I wasted all that time reading a mediocre book when I could have read one which I know is going to be entertaining. I’m reading some good books but after this bunch I’m going to jump into some fantasy books, I need a new bout of imagination to get me going again.