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The Ubuntu Switch

I have installed previous Linux OSes before but I have been pretty lazy to do anything about Ubuntu. Now I’m a bit fed up with one of my machines and I don’t want to upgrade to Vista for it and its too weak to handle windows 7, all I need it for is mostly FTP downloads. So I decided to switch it over to Ubuntu, I’m just going to have it delete the whole damn drive I don’t even really care whats on it, I’m that pissed with that machine. What annoys me about Windows is how the DLL files get messed up even when you don’t install anything at all or pretty much don’t download anything except media. So for the sake of my sanity I’m switching it to Ubuntu and its only a 4 year old PC so its still got some punch left it, to be exact its an old Alienware cube. Not that Windows is not a good OS, I think its an excellent OS, especially the development of Windows Home Server that made my life a lot easier with back ups and everything in a central location. I’m going to install it and I have a few softwares ready for all my needs, well a few at least to cover my basis.