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Spyder II GX Laser aka Green Monster

Wicked Lasers have been making the coolest looking lasers I have seen period, they look like those used by snipers and these could probably be used by snipers the beam can reach so far. They titled it as “The worlds most powerful hand held laser”, and I can believe it after looking at the laser. The Spyder II GX Laser for $1,700 is a military-grade hand held laser that’s sort of a like a laser pointer, only much, much awesomer. Airtight and water resistant, I don’t know if its water proof I’m curious of its capabilities under water but that would be an expensive test. Its also the first hand held laser to have some sort of cooling system so you won’t burn your hand after shining it for two minutes. If your goal is to cause chaos in the world then this is for you, if you are asking about the price then don’t even bother.

Link: WickedLasers

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