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Burnt and Crispy

Last week I spent about 7 hours in the sun and got a little too burnt, my skin was red right away and it was producing heat. Even after a cool shower my skin was hot as hell, got home and my shoulders and back starting to feel like it really was burnt and I’m feeling pain. So staying out in the sun without a little sun block is pretty dumb, I have started remembering all the things I would bring with me to the shalaih and this time around I should remember to bring some sun block.

Spoke to a friend and I was recommended to pick up an after sun cream with Aloe Vera extract but I didn’t know what to get. After getting the solarcain which had aloe vera extract I applied it right away and that helped a little. Then I took a cold shower before going to sleep and applied it again, you can feel the relief because the pain decreased, even the pressure from the water hurt. I had a hard time sleeping since I couldn’t sleep on the side, I had a restless first night but the solarcaine helped reduce the pain. After three days of applying three times a day it got a lot better, by the third day it felt like a small annoyance and suprsingly my skin didn’t peel at all.