U.S Air Force Challenger Vapor

The Air Force wanted to show case their technology and power so they decided to work on making two supercars and worked with Galpin Auto Sports. They decided to work on one Ford Mustang and another Dodge Challenger, I’m more interested in the USAF Challenger Vapor, it looks like a scary machine, even the internals of it looks like a jet fighter, with thermal imaging, long range camera, and fully integrated controls, and stealth mode. A heads up display the covers the whole windshield, solid carbon fiber discs, this machine can sneak on KITT and make him look like a punk. I ‘have always liked the challenger but this machine is really something else, they have turned it into a dark stealth machine to be afraid of.

Link: Air Force Supercars
Link: Galpin Auto Sports

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  1. Daddyz Girl

    my god … now that’s what I call a hot machine !!! sweeeeeet ;)

  2. I kept staring at the interior for minutes! Thats freakin’ cool!

  3. Anonymous

    it’s pointless, 98 % of the people who look at it will immediately see the nitrous bottles and be complete ricers about it. Plus if they’re this desperate to recruit, they’ve found there target demographic… like I said, they’ll look at it and get the complete wrong idea. Just appealing to the MTV crowd.

    Yes I do hate everything.

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