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There is only one conclusion with all this, I’m pretty much a download junkie. I have been downloading all the recent TV shows a consistent pace but sometimes some of them fall off the way side and sometimes I don’t know why but I might not have all the seasons of a show I was following. This is what happens when you migrate your data so much, and over the past couple of years I have had a few major migrations. So this time around I am trying to see which shows that I want to have, I don’t have Entourage so I’m downloading the whole thing, then there are a few shows which I don’t seem to have the seasons even though I remember watching them like Dexter, I have kept Prison Break and Heroes on hold so I can watch it one go. There are a few other odd shows that I want to download like Red Dwarf and MacGuyver, I’m trying to look for some other old school shows. Archiving old shows is another task which has increased my download list. Just one note for those reading the download speeds, this is based from a Server hosted in Europe which we have managed to configure for our downloads and not the speeds in Kuwait, it would be phenomenal if those were the speeds but that isn’t the case.

  • Battlestar Galactica Season 4 720p (23.49 GBs)
  • Dexter Seasons 1 & 2 BlueRay Rips (23.31 GBs)
  • Entourage Seasons 1-4 (12.77 GBs)
  • Heroes Season 3 720p (27.98 GBs)
  • Justice League Complete (16.21 GBs)
  • Prison Break Seas 4 720p (24.72 GBs)
  • The Spectacular Spiderman Season 1 (2.17 GBs)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. iCon

    trust me you are going to be addicted to entourage.

  2. They rip BlueRays? How ’bout that!

  3. Excellent list…copying and pasting as we speak (and in 720p too boot, so hope you’re seeding)

  4. Sami

    Yes sirrrr.
    Another one of our fellow human beings has jumped on the Entourage bandwagon.
    Your life will never be the same.
    Good Luck.

  5. It’s good to know I’m not the only grown-up guy watching spider-man cartoons .. I’m addicted to comics. My favorite on your list would be Heroes!

  6. DVLz

    It’s a great idea to get a dedicated server especially the ones located in France, that what most rooted IRC bots use. Good download and upload speed especially to boost ratio on registered trackers, also downloading with high speed using your current connection. Then you have capacity limitation problem unless you have one expensive pack which you can reserve up to 2TB+. In the end it’s all about quality not quantity, since you have like 20TB of storage why would you download such low quality 720p rips?

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