Wataniya Launches Blackberry Service

At last they have come to launch the Blackberry Service, as of today Wataniya has launched the new Blackberry Service with the pricing plan below. Looks like their tis going to be competition for the Blackberry Subscribers, and our brethren in the Wataniya camp can at last communicate with us through BBM. Now I wonder how many people will be switching over to the BB service who already have Wataniya.

It seems you can easily switch between the plans, you don’t have to stick to one or the other.

Pricing Plan:

  • Basic: 9 KD with 1 fils per KD
  • Unlimited: 13 KD 10 GB Free
  • Unlimited +: 25 KD 10 GB Free & 10 MB Free Roaming
  • Update:Prepaid Blackberry Service Available

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. hi Z
    Basic: 9 KD with 1 fils per KD
    you mean 1 fils per KB not KD

  2. sugarfull

    hi ME,

    basic is 9KD a month for the service …. you will pay 1 fils per Kilo bit ya3ni 1 kd per MB of usage … i think the best service is the unlimited one for 13KD, because it will give you 10 GB of free data usage :)

  3. Berserk-KW

    Z: are you sure about this info? i haven’t heard from anybody else about this?

  4. What about the international service? How do they charge for people traveling?

  5. sugarfull

    if u get the 13 KD package you will be charged 6 fils per KB when used internationally.

    when you get the 25 KD package you will have 10 MB of free usage internationally … when you use up the 10 MB you will be charged 6 fils per KB :)

  6. Wataniya 10 GB au contrair to Zain’s ONE GB!!!

  7. Daddyz Girl

    it is confirmed !!WATANIYA just launched BlackBerry enjoy it all ;) and PREPAID BlackBerry is 4 KD weekly !!!

  8. Bo9ale7

    i just came from the main branch. its available from tomorrow. to be honest i got pissed since the call center told me its already avilable. any way i went there and he told me its tomorrow and only in 5 branchs

    Main branch
    Marina mall

  9. Glen

    Thats amazing news… Now all we need to see is how is their service. I checked Wataniya site and there is no info at all.. Its gr8 to know that you can switch betweeen plans easily. Zain is a B&[email protected] when is comes to changing plans :) If the service is good… I think m gonna move to Wataniya :)

  10. Thanks, I’ve been waiting for this! How come they still didn’t announce it on their own website?

  11. Bader

    at laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast !!!

  12. Just called them about the bb devices prices,

    they have 2:

    Bold – 185
    Javelin – 147

    Is there anywhere cheaper to get them?

  13. “Unlimited: 13KD 10 GB Free” if its unlimited then why do you need the10 GB Free?

  14. BTB

    you can get them cheaper, shop around AlGhanim, bought curve for wify a couple weeks back. i still cant get myself to ride the wave though

  15. fawaz

    sup guys ! u all seem rly gr8 :P
    i just called 121 tha guy told me that tha best pack 4 chatting + texting is the 13kd one . he sed u have to change to postpaid 4 that :D
    dz any1 kno what tha services r 4 prepaid ?

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