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Wataniya Launches Blackberry Service

At last they have come to launch the Blackberry Service, as of today Wataniya has launched the new Blackberry Service with the pricing plan below. Looks like their tis going to be competition for the Blackberry Subscribers, and our brethren in the Wataniya camp can at last communicate with us through BBM. Now I wonder how many people will be switching over to the BB service who already have Wataniya.

It seems you can easily switch between the plans, you don’t have to stick to one or the other.

Pricing Plan:

  • Basic: 9 KD with 1 fils per KD
  • Unlimited: 13 KD 10 GB Free
  • Unlimited +: 25 KD 10 GB Free & 10 MB Free Roaming
  • Update:Prepaid Blackberry Service Available