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New Wataniya Routes

Recently I have been traveling on and off to different parts of the GCC/Arab Countries. Every time I have a flight come up I always check Wataniya for their available flights to see if I could fly out of Sheikh Sa’ad airport instead of the regular airport. I do wish they start their frequent flyer program already, I would have some air miles racked up. What I found out is that unlike before their schedules have changed for some of the destinations and some work out to my benefit, they used to fly only to four destioinations a couple of months ago but now 6 destinations daily and 2 more on set schedule with only a few days difference. I hope they continue their growth into different areas, and I heard they will be landing in London soon but when exactly I’m not sure. For now I put an extensive list of all their flight times for all their destinations, click the “more” to see the whole long list.

  • Amman
  • Bahrain
  • Dubai
  • Beirut
  • Cairo
  • Bahrain
  • Damascus (Except Tuesday & Friday)
  • Sharm El Sheikh (Only Tuesday & Friday)

Kuwait/Dubai (Daily)

1st Flight – Departure 0900 Arrival 1140
2nd Flight – Departure 2040 Arrival 2320

Dubai/Kuwait (Daily)

1st Flight – Departure 0005 Arrival 0055
2nd Flight – Departure 1225 Arrival 1315

Kuwait/Beirut (Daily)

1st Flight – Departure 1505 Arrival 1740
2nd Flight – Departure 1945 Arrival 2220

Beirut/Kuwait (Daily)

1st Flight – Departure 1840 Arrival 2050
2nd Flight – Departure 2320 Arrival 0130 (next day)

Kuwait/Cairo (Daily)

1st Flight – Departure 0730 Arrival 1030
2nd Flight – Departure 1305 Arrival 1605

Cairo/Kuwait (Daily)

1st Flight – Departure 1130 Arrival 1420
2nd Flight – Departure 1705 Arrival 1955


Except Tuesday & Friday
Departure 0700 Arrival 0920


Except Tuesday & Friday
Departure 1020 Arrival 1220

Kuwait/Sharm El Sheikh

Only on Tuesday & Friday
Departure 0645 Arrival 0915

Sharm El Sheikh/Kuwait

Only on Tuesday & Friday
Departure 1000 Arrival 1220

Kuwait/Amman (Daily)

Departure 1400 Arrival 1620

Amman/Kuwait (Daily)

Departure 1705 Arrival 1900

Kuwait/Bahrain (Daily)

Departure 2135 Arrival 2235

Bahrain/Kuwait (Daily)

Departure 2320 Arrival 0030 (next day)