Lebanese Police Cruiser

It looks like Kuwait isn’t the only country that got a bunch of these Dodge Chargers as police vehicles. From what I heard the Ministry of Interior recieved these vehicles as a gift from the US Government, including some Humvee and some Armaments for the Lebanese Army. These Dodge Chargers look pretty good as police cars, I prefer the Kuwait color scheme to these black ones. But these guys seem to be seated more comfortable as there are no cages in the back to stop them from sitting comfortably. I wonder if they are modified in any way other then looks, maybe some engine modifications.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Faisal

    These Lebanese Police Chargers are V6 Chargers with no modifications. And you are right, they were a gift from the US government. I think Lebanon got 30 police chargers.

    The ones in Kuwait are 5.7 V8 Hemi Chargers, with heavy duty batteries, brakes, engine cooling, and suspension.

  2. agreed. Kuwaiti color scheme seems more appealing than the Lebanese one !

  3. psytrance

    i wouldn’t be surprised if they were a gift as the recession has hit automobile industry really hard especially Chrysler Dodge.And now with the stringent fuel efficiency laws that have been implace in the u.s and Europe makes it hard for these cars to be sold over there.

    So i guess the middle east is the best place as any to dump these cars at.

    PS. the cars might be free but the spare parts ain’t and trust me dodge needs them.

    One wonders how could one buy cars from a bankrupt car company

  4. Lebanon got these way before Kuwait did, they’ve been around since Summer 2008

  5. tartooob

    Dont forget Dubai Police too !

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