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On the Flight Back

Flew to the airport, made a late check out form the hotel on Tuesday due to a meeting running a little over. Packed my bags, there wasn’t too much, I just had to make sure I got my magazines, and some other stuff all packed up and ready to go. The streets were still relatively empty, they even told me that the hotel had very low occupancy and the summer crowd would be coming right around the 15th of June. The weather was just perfect a breezy 29 degrees with clear skies, and a little humidity.

I got my bags on a trolley and headed straight to the check-in counter right after security, then passed immigrations and went to the virgin stand to check it out. Virgin just isn’t what it used to be, waited at the gate to board. This time around I was the only person up front with about 15 – 20 people in economy. The place was empty, so I asked the staff that I wanted the food right away since I didn’t have a chance to eat due to the long meeting. After a good meal I switched on my laptop watched about 20 minutes of anime and passed out for 2 hours, woke up to us landing and dusty view outside.