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Lebanon in 26 Hrs

Landed in Lebanon and the weather was a cool 28 Degrees, I could hear people complain that its a little warm. If only they knew how hot 47 degrees felt they wouldn’t be complaling about how wonderful 29 Degrees feels. I had the car windows down as we drove to the hotel. Its right after elections, the plane had about 15 people in it with 3 people in first class, the roads were desolate, I have never seen Lebanon like this, there wasn’t traffic so we got the hotel in 20 minutes with very few stops. Got to the hotel, checked in, washed up and headed to the first meeting, I was done a few hours later and met up with a few friends. I wanted to eat at Al Farooq Shawarma but turns out they pretty much sold out of all the meat they had which was ridiculous. So we went else where for dinner and I was pretty much on the verge of passing out from hunger and a long day. As soon as I was back in the hotel I passed out and woke up at 6 am to a kings breakfast. Meeting at 9 am and was done late the afternoon, had to go back to the hotel and check out and take off to the airport so I wouldn’t be late. I was hungry as hell and all I could think off is food, luckily I managed to eat on the flight.

For a short 26 horus I didn’t have a chance to do all that I wanted. I wanted to go check out a few places and I had my camera with me, I wanted to walk around and snap pictures but I didn’t have a chance yet to do that but I hope to soon. Beirut is such a picturesque city with lots of places to snap pictures, even the pictures that I was snapping people didn’t seem to bother about where I was pointing the camera, so I snapped away.