Life Size Gundam in Tokyo

How cool is that, the Japanese have taken the step in the right direction. They have built a life size Gundam in Odaiba, I can’t believe they have finally completed it. This is the Gundam from the Original Series, the RX-78 Gundam. The detail of this Gundam is amazing, I wish I could see it, it will be taken down at the end of August but I hope they keep it up somehwere because that is really a work of art and such an attraction. Check out the link for a lot more details.

Link: Punynari

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  1. Further proof that Man is a funny being with lots of free time.

  2. is this what you’re buying??

  3. A.Albaz

    Simply Beautiful

  4. jitaroo

    Economic downturn my ass.
    Would love to see someone make this actually move, i mean just imagine piloting that shit.

  5. سالم ولد بوسالم

    عاد يتحرك والا بس ثابت

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