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Everyonce in a while I pile up a few books in my Amazon cart, and I wait until they are a few before I purcahse them. And this time around its an interesting bunch, not as much literally as much as they reference books and something I would look into and use every once in while.

An interesting bunch

  • The Art of Terminator Salvation
  • Sketchbook: Conceptual Drawings from the World’s Most Influential Designers
  • Enemies & Allies: A Novel

Some reference books that I want to keep, if you can’t find it online its good to have the book for it:

  • Satellite Technology: Principles and Applications
  • Introduction to Satellite Communication (Artech House Space Applications)
  • The Satellite Communication Ground Segment and Earth Station Handbook
  • VSAT Networks

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. maryam

    Interesting collection, though it’s a bit tricky to allocate time to finish them. We’ve come across VSAT in a project of ours, but it was dismissed, all info I had to go through was the WWW ;P

  2. LLOOOLLL, arcane collection. Would not be great fare for a book club meeting!

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