FCUK Bodywash

I’m a simple creature of habit, especially when it has to do with these types of items. If I find something that I am comfortable with I will stick to it completely. I found FCUK make bathroom items for men for a while now and I have to say that I am happy with their product line, I get really annoyed with changes but thats what I am facing with Boots Kuwait and FCUK. FCUK are making some product changes, but Boots seem to be struggling in Kuwait so they change their products very often. I remember when they first opened it was a huge wall of mens products and over time it has shrunk to a few shelves shoved to the side. Now they have recently changed their product line for FCUK and I picked up the three variations, all seems pretty good, the thinner one is better for travel but the shorter and bulkier one smells nicer so I went with the shorter one. Men are simple, if they like something they stick it out, quit changing the product lines.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i stick to a deodorant and never change it,, and make sure i have enough stock that will last for ~6 months now bcoz last time they discontinued what i was using,, actually twice!!!

  2. “Men are simple, if they like something they stick it out”

    Mo bas men :-P I wear the same perfume since highschool! I never changed it… they changed the bottle of it, but I am still using it hahaha

  3. Daddyz Girl

    Me too I have couple of items which I regularly use and I will be very devastated if they discontinue manufacturing it!! So my solution to this dilemma is:
    Stock 2 different patches (1st patch is to use once product is ran out) 2nd patch is my emergency patch which I don’t even have the permission to use looooool (god forbids that day to comes).

  4. Fiend

    I agree boots here is an embarrassment to the entire chain… it started off amazing and alot of products that are sold in regular boots stores abroad arent available anymore.. im predicting they’re going to become a regular kuwaiti drugstore soon…

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