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FCUK Bodywash

I’m a simple creature of habit, especially when it has to do with these types of items. If I find something that I am comfortable with I will stick to it completely. I found FCUK make bathroom items for men for a while now and I have to say that I am happy with their product line, I get really annoyed with changes but thats what I am facing with Boots Kuwait and FCUK. FCUK are making some product changes, but Boots seem to be struggling in Kuwait so they change their products very often. I remember when they first opened it was a huge wall of mens products and over time it has shrunk to a few shelves shoved to the side. Now they have recently changed their product line for FCUK and I picked up the three variations, all seems pretty good, the thinner one is better for travel but the shorter and bulkier one smells nicer so I went with the shorter one. Men are simple, if they like something they stick it out, quit changing the product lines.