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Gundam Fix Metal Composite MSZ-006A1/C! Z plus[Blue]

The Red Gundam Fix Metal Composite was the first Gundam I put together, then there was the Blue one which remained in the box for a couple of weeks since I didn’t have enough time to get around to it or the right place to place it. These models or objects of art need right placement before being put together, I honestly don’t want to work on one unless I have the right spot for it and after looking around my room I found the right spot.

I decided to place the Blue Gundam on top of my desk shelving wear Bumble Bee was previously. This specific Gundam comes in multiple configurations, two robot mode, in regular form which I built the first one or the armored mode which is down right scary. Then there is the plane mode which also has a normal and armored mode. I decided to go with the semi-normal plane mode because it looked really cool in the box.

Now I just need two more of these models to build the other variations of it and I have to say that I would never be satisfied. I need some shelving to present these works of art, I am just happy looking at them wondering how ingenious the Japanese are in their creative ideas and how soon will we have life size robots such as these. I want to thank my very thoughtful friend who bought this for me as a gift.