Off to Singapore

I will be spending 72 hours in Singapore meeting two companies and going to a technology expo for my field. Its one way to meet my suppliers as well as see what else is out there. We are taking Emirates Airlines since they have the best scheduling and suprisingly the cheapest prices out of all the prices we took a look at.

I have been hearing lots of things about Singapore for years, about the rules, the beautiful city, amazing places to go, resutaurants, and people. This came up pretty quick, so I don’t have a clue where to go eat but thats what I keep wondering about.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. there is a nepali restro in albert court (right behind sim lim square)
    it serves some nice food if you like the indian subcontinent type flavor

  2. Marzouq, you have to try the chili crab and kaya… they are two signature dishes from S’pore ;-) I am sure you will love it there, its beautiful, clean, and people there are friendly…. enjoy, have fun, and take loads of pics

  3. bilsalama…Enjoy, and dont forget the pics ;)

  4. whatever u do, dont try durian fruit!

    go to clark quay, boat quay, orchard rd, chinatown, sentosa island :D

  5. Casper

    u must visit the night Safari .. its amazing it smthing different u must see, enjoy ur trip :)

  6. singapore is just a ‘fine’ place to be :D

  7. safe trip buddy…yes singapore is very nice and clean…ur not allowed to take chewing gums with you or even chew a gum there!

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